About Us


India Insures is an independent personal agency We offer Life Insurance, College Planning, Disability Coverage, Final Expense, and the most popular Supplemental Coverage. Our company represents most of the top insurance carriers available. India Insures loves serving the adult parent population in the Metro Area and other areas providing Guaranteed Scholarships Plans. India Insures main focus is educating parents on how to start college planning by way of Funding Life Policies, Tuition Rewards, and Guaranteed Scholarships.


The mission of India Insures is to protect the dreams my clients have for themselves and their children. India Insures educate families on how college plans provides a safe, secure and easy way to save for college, with both guaranteed growth and the additional benefit of adult and child life insurance. While families are growing a nest egg for their child’s future, they will be protected by insurance life coverage. So whatever the future may bring our families will be protected……WITH GUARANTEED SCHOLARSHIPS!!!


What sets India Insures apart is her drive and passion for this movement. I am so excited to be able to help families like myself save for college and provide a better way for our children. What definitely differentiate me is that no other agent within the metropolitan area provides guaranteed scholarships for their children …..I’ve just partnered with a company that has been specializing in college selection and funding for over 25 years. These folks have really opened my eyes about how to fund college for my kids using grants, scholarships and tuition discounts. My goal is to help each of my clients have one full year of tuition “covered” for each of their children, by the time each child reached 12th Grade. I’m talking about saving on the cost of college by leveraging what they already do. I plan to get parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to provide scholarships and tuition rewards for the children within their family. I am so excited to be able to help in this capacity.


India utilizes her non-profit organizations to give back, these organizations will provide school supplies, books, and laptops for students. Visit www.indiainspire.org. India also goes after sponsors to provide scholarships for students, she educates her clients with one on one meetings and seminars.  

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